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5/22/15 12:08 pm - Passing by the Painting

Place your portrait in the museum along with the world famous masterpieces.

5/15/15 03:20 pm - Cook Book

PhotoFunia makes creating your very own cookbook as easy as boiling water. Simply choose a title for your gourmet dish and upload either a photo of yours (wearing a Chef’s hat) or a photo of your dish to impress your friends.

5/15/15 03:16 pm - Chef's Hat

Dreaming of becoming next Jamie Oliver? You can start by putting on the Chef’s hat with the help of this photo effect.

5/8/15 12:51 pm - Number Plate

Personal number plates are more than just a way for your car to be identified. Your number plates can actually say a lot about you and your personality. Create your very own personalized number plate with any text you like. You can also choose between five different colors for the car.

5/1/15 11:34 am - Lemon tree

Put your photo into a wooden frame next to a next to a beautiful lemon tree. You can choose between horizontal and portrait photo and the frame will rotate automatically.

4/27/15 12:38 pm - Keep Calm and Love Monday

It’s Monday. The new week of hope and promise and abundance is about to begin. We groove through a weekend filled with preferences and sleeping in and music and family and chores and reading the newspaper and maybe even some dancing. Then we land on Monday’s doorstep. Today, as you enter into your Monday, smile often, look up and around, and realize how fantastic life is. It is today and you are in it!

4/24/15 12:40 pm - Evening Billboard

Have your photo displayed on a huge billboard.

4/16/15 10:53 am - Vinyl Record

Create your very own custom vinyl record. Simply choose a photo, enter name of the artist and album in the desired text and color and let PhotoFunia do it's magic.

4/10/15 11:47 am - Drawing lesson

Your portrait drawn on a Drawing lesson with a pencil in color or in black and white.

4/1/15 10:52 am - PhotoFunia for MS-DOS

It is our goal to make PhotoFunia accessible to as many people in the world as we possibly can. Our Engineers work around the clock in order to make sure that PhotoFunia is compatible with all new devices and platforms. But we asked ourselves: How can we make it even better?

If you remember the 80s and the computers of those days working on MS-DOS. Those were the days, when you had to boot up from floppy disk to play Pacman and other arcade games. Do not be tempted to throw away those awesome machines as we have some exciting news to share with you today! PhotoFunia will soon be available on MS-DOS and will be released as a standalone app on 128 floppy disks which you will be able to purchase from your local PC Store as early as May 2015!
Meanwhile, please follow the link below for a little preview of what is to come!

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